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Mollusca, the Southern Synthesis

Authors - Various contributions
1250pp, 200 colour & 500 black & white photographs, 2500 colour illustrations, hard cover (bound in 2 volumes, not sold separately)

AU$324.50 inc GST
AU$295.00 ex GST

This is the most comprehensive and authoritative treatment yet of Australia's marine, freshwater and terrestrial molluscs. It is a significant international reference, with contributions from 70 authors and 7700 papers in the primary literature are cited. Most molluscan families described are also found in the Northern Hemisphere, making this title an essential reference for malacologists worldwide. A series of overviews are provided at one or more level for the phylum and six classes, introducing accounts for the 423 molluscan families presently recognised in the region. At each level details are presented on morphology and physiology, natural history, biography and phylogeny, history of discovery and economic significance. There is also comprehensive coverage of the fossil record. A glossary and 30 000 entries in the index ensure ready access to information in the text and figures.


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