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Stock Footage

Welcome to the Coral Sea Imagery Stock Footage Library.

Coral Sea Imagery markets an extensive Stock Footage Library specialising in..

Natural History
Tropical Environments

The majority of our library footage was originated on Widescreen Digital Betacam and High Definition formats. Material can be converted to the standard 4:3 aspect ratio if required and supplied on a variety of tape formats including Digital Betacam, Betacam SP and DVCAM.

Footage available

As a natural history stock footage library our aim is to construct and have available behavioural sequences and storyboards. Examples from our library include..

  • Coral Spawning on the Great Barrier Reef
  • Pigmy Seahorses in Indonesia
  • Salmon Spawning in Eastern Russia
  • Mandarin Fish Mating
  • Stella Sea Lions

We are continually adding to our library with our film crews out in the field most of the time.
One solution we can offer for the elusive, hard to find shot is a 'shoot to order' service. We can add your elusive shot or sequence to our target list without any obligation on your part so even if we don't have what you're looking for this week we may have it next!
This service has been successful on numerous occasions, however if your requirement is more urgent and you wish us to commit time and resources to your request we are happy to provide quotes based on your specific needs.

SF Enquiries

Initially we can carry out a stock footage search based on your search criteria and provide a VHS timecode dub of selected material. Please call to discuss your requirements or email details of the shots required.

Tel: 61 7 4721 1633
Fax: 61 7 4721 1477

RATES  (Australian Dollars, excluding GST)

Stock Footage Search Rates

Library Search Fees:$80.00 / hour
Preview VHS tapes:$25.00 / hour
Broadcast Submaster Dubbing Fees:$240.00 / hour
Postage / Freight (VHS tapes within Australia):$10.00
Postage / Freight overseas:variable - cost available on application

Tape Stock

Betacam SP 6 minute tape:$24.39
Betacam SP 36 minute tape:$26.96
DVCAM 32 minute tape:$52.04
Digital Betacam 12 minute tape:$31.58
Digital Betacam 32 minute tape:$41.87
Other formats / lengths:Price available on application

All prices subject to Goods and Services Tax @ 10% where applicable
A minimum charge of $100.00 is applicable to each SF Search Order


Below is a rate card guide to licencing fees.
Special rates may apply to rare or unusual footage.


BROADCASTOne Country:Europe:USA:World
Minimum Seconds
Terrestial TV
(5 years)
Cable & Satellite
(5 years)
All TV
(5 years)
Pop Promos
(3 years)
Home Video
(5 years)
Optical Media DVD/CDROM
(5 years)
(3 years)
(3 years)
(1 years)

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