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BOOKS – Reference Text

Australian Marine Life

Graham Edgar
544pp, 1300 colour photographs, hard cover

AU$76.95 inc GST
AU$69.95 ex GST

The definitive guide to the spectacular animals and plants of Southern Australian Waters including Tasmania. Marine scientist Dr Graham Edgar describes 1200 of the most commonly seen plants and animals of temperate waters where many species rival their tropical relatives in colour and ornamentation - especially the vividly coloured molluscs. It includes notes on their habitat and distribution, and more than 1300 full colour photographs. The book is organised in Taxonomic order and is detailed enough to be of value to academic biologists whilst being an invaluable guide for divers, beachcombers and those who fish.

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Australian Marine Shells
Australian and Indo Pacific Marine Gastropods

Barry Wilson
In two volumes

A beautiful two volume set which describes and illustrates over 2400 species of marine gastropods. A guide to identification and up to date information on geographic distribution, classification and natural history with extensive reference to relevant contemporary literature. Each volume contains a glossary of terms and detailed references to taxonomy and biology of gastropods. Each is casebound and section sewn for strength and durability. The two volumes are available as a set in an attractively bound deluxe slip case, to provide protection and easy access on the library shelf.

Volumes 1 & 2
AU$242.00 inc GST
AU$220.00 ex GST

Volumes 1 & 2 in Deluxe Slip Case
AU$275.00 inc GST
AU$250.00 ex GST
Australian Marine Shells (Volume 1)

370pp, 44 colour plates, line illustrations, colour photographs, hard cover

AU$126.50 inc GST
AU$115.00 ex GST

This volume describes and illustrates gastropod species from limpets to parasitic eulimids. It contains comprehensive coverage of Australian cowries including those rare and outstandingly beautiful species that are of such interest to collectors plus all the more common species found throughout the Indo Pacific region. It has an extensive introduction with a discussion of gastropod classification and biology. It introduces collecting and preserving shells, their biology and nomenclature.

Australian Marine Shells (Volume 2)

408pp, 53 colour plates, line illustrations, colour photographs, hard cover

AU$126.50 inc GST
AU$115.00 ex GST

A discussion of the classification and biology of the carnivorous neogastropods and detailed descriptions of species from the murex shells to the terebras. The volutes and cones are strongly featured.

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Compendium of Seashells
Revised Edition

R T Abbott & S P Dance
411pp, 4200 colour photographs, hard cover

AU$125.00 inc GST
AU$113.64 ex GST

A comprehensive full colour identification book on marine shells of the world compiled by two of the world's leading malacologists. All categories of marine shells are described and illustrated, including individual photographs, geographical and ecological information on hundreds of species of cowry, cone, volute, scallop, helmut and many others. This beautiful and authoritative reference volume contains 4200 colour photographs and is designed to facilitate rapid location and identification of almost every shell likely to be found in a private collection or shell shop.

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Corals of the World

J E N Veron
3 volumes, over 1300 pp, full colour, hard cover in slip case

AU$265.00 inc GST
AU$240.00 ex GST
Student Price AU$145.00 inc GST
AU$131.80 ex GST
Institution Price AU$TBA inc GST

This is one of the most comprehensive, authoritative and spectacular productions ever given to a group of marine organisms and is the end product of 30 years of research by author Dr John ("Charlie") Veron. This 3 volume set is an extravaganza of colour and art and includes 900 distribution maps and details on the nature of the species, reproduction and dispersal, structure, geographic history and evolution. 1 in 10 species covered are new to science. Dr Veron's award winning 'classic' Corals of Australia & the Indo Pacific is completely eclisped by this publication!

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Coral Reef Animals of the Indo Pacific

TM Gosliner, David W Behrens & Gary C Williams,
314pp, 1100 colour photographs, soft cover

AU$65.95 inc GST
AU$59.95 ex GST

A scientific field guide to coral reef invertebrates of the Indo Pacific region. Over 1100 species are described and clearly illustrated with high quality photographs using a picture index key which makes identification easy and enjoyable. It contains information on distribution, ecological interactions and other natural history. It is an essential reference for every reef diver, biologist and aquarist.

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Fishes of the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea
Temporarily Unavailable

J E Randell, G R Allen & R C Steene
532pp, 1100 colour photographs, hard cover

AU$87.95 inc GST
AU$79.95 ex GST

The long awaited revised volume of this popular book contains an extra 32 pages. This lavishly illustrated compendium has exhaustive coverage of over 1100 species, or more than 90% of the regions reef fishes. Every species is illustrated with an added bonus of photographic coverage of the juvenile, female and male in species differing according to their developmental stage or sex. Although reef fishes are the primary focus of this book, a special section on billfishes, tunas and mackerels is included especially for anglers. A must for all divers, anglers, underwater naturalists and professional biologists.

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Mollusca, the Southern Synthesis

Authors - Various contributions
1250pp, 200 colour & 500 black & white photographs, 2500 colour illustrations, hard cover (bound in 2 volumes, not sold separately)

AU$324.50 inc GST
AU$295.00 ex GST

This is the most comprehensive and authoritative treatment yet of Australia's marine, freshwater and terrestrial molluscs. It is a significant international reference, with contributions from 70 authors and 7700 papers in the primary literature are cited. Most molluscan families described are also found in the Northern Hemisphere, making this title an essential reference for malacologists worldwide. A series of overviews are provided at one or more level for the phylum and six classes, introducing accounts for the 423 molluscan families presently recognised in the region. At each level details are presented on morphology and physiology, natural history, biography and phylogeny, history of discovery and economic significance. There is also comprehensive coverage of the fossil record. A glossary and 30 000 entries in the index ensure ready access to information in the text and figures.

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Tropical Pacific Invertebrates

Dr. Patrick Colin & Charlie Arneson,
296pp, 1470 full colour photographs, soft cover

AU$124.95 inc GST
AU$113.59 ex GST

A most comprehensive guide to marine invertebrates of the Tropical Pacific and Indo Pacific oceans. This volume was written by two experienced scientists and blends scientific accuracy with the sheer beauty of this incredible diverse group of animals. Many of the species have never been illustrated before and are new to science. An essential reference book for divers, marine scientists and nature lovers.

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