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CATALOGUE - List by Title

Australian Marine Life
- Graham Edgar
Australian Marine Shells Australian and Indo Pacific Marine Gastropods (Volumes 1 & 2)
- Barry Wilson
Australian Scuba Divers Illustrated Dictionary
- Robert Berthold
Blue Wilderness
- Ron & Valerie Taylor
Common Seashells of Coastal Northern Queensland
- Patty Jansen
Compendium of Seashells
- R T Abbott & S P Dance
Corals of the World
- J E N Veron
Coral Reef Animals of the Indo Pacific
- TM Gosliner, David W Behrens & Gary C Williams
Coral Seas
- Roger Steene
Coral Sea Reef Guide
- Bob Halstead
Dangerous Sea Creatures
- Neville Coleman
Diver's Handbook
- Alan Mountain
Dive Sites of the Great Barrier Reef & Coral Sea
- Neville Coleman
Field Guide to Anemonefishes & their Host Anemones
- Daphne G. Fautin & Gerry Allen
Fishes of the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea
- J E Randell, G R Allen & R C Steene
Great Barrier Reef - Australia's Tropical Paradise
- Alison Cotes
Guide to Angelfishes & Butterflyfishes
- Dr Gerald R. Allen, Roger Steene and Mark Allen
Guide to Squid, Cuttlefish & Octopuses of Australasia
- Mark Norman & Amanda Reid
Guide to Seafishes of Australia
- Rudie Kuiter
In a Sea of Dreams
- Christoper Newbert & Brigette Wilms
Indo-Pacific Coral Reef Field Guide
- Dr Gerald R. Allen and Roger Steene
Jim Church's Essential Guide to Composition
- Jim Church
Jim Church's Essential Guide to the Nikonos Systems
- Jim Church
Jim Church's Essential Guide to Underwater Video
- Jim Church
Living Reefs of the Indo Pacific
- Rob van der Loos
Marine Fishes of the Great Barrier Reef & South East Asia
- Dr Gerald Allen
Mollusca, the Southern Synthesis
- Authors - Various contributions
Natures Richest Realm
- Roger Steene
Nudibranchs of the South Pacific
- Neville Coleman
Photographic Guide to Sea Fishes of Australia
- Rudie Kuiter
Photographic Guide to Seashore Life of Australia
- Keith Davey
Realm of the Pygmy Seahorse
- Constantinos Petrinos
Sea Birds and others of the Great Barrier Reef, Australasia, South Pacific and Indian Oceans
- Neville Coleman
Seashells of South East Australia
- Patty Jansen
Sea Slugs of Western Australia (& relavant to the whole Indo Pacific Region)
- Fred E Wells & Clayton W Bryce
Sea Stars of Australasia
- Neville Coleman
Seaweeds of Queensland - a naturalist's guide
- A B Cribb
Sharks In Question (the Smithsonian Answer Book)
- Victor Springer & Joy Gold
Snorkellers Guide to the Coral Reef
- Paddy Ryan
Top Dive Sites of Australia
- Becca Saunders
Top Dive Sites of the Indian Ocean
- Jack Jackson
Top Dive Sites of the World
- Jack Jackson
Tropical Pacific Invertebrates
- Dr. Patrick Colin & Charlie Arneson
Tropical Reef Fishes: A Marine Awareness Guide
- Michael Aw
Tropical Reef Life: A Marine Awareness Guide
- Michael Aw
Whale Watching in Australian & New Zealand Waters
- Peter Gill & Cecilia Burke

Natures Richest Realm
- Dr. Walter Stark & Roger Steene
Tropical Pacific Invertebrates
- Dr. Pat Colin & Charlie Arneson
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