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BOOKS – 'Coffee Table' Books

Blue Wilderness

Ron & Valerie Taylor
160pp, colour photographs, hard cover
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AU$76.95 inc GST
AU$69.95 ex GST

Breathtaking imagery and raw, bone chilling drama chronicles a lifetime of underwater discovery, vividly illustrating the true-life adventures of this amazing couple. The beauty and drama of the vanishing marine wilderness, from encounters with the most dangerous animals in the sea to enchanting choreographed sea lion ballets are all captured. Voyagers with in the last great frontier of our blue planet, Ron & Valerie recount and record the splendor and awe of Nature's richest realm, the blue wilderness.

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Coral Seas

Roger Steene
288pp, 340 colour photographs, hard cover

AU$76.95 inc GST
AU$69.95 ex GST

In this magnificent book the day to day life of the world's coral reef is played out before our very eyes. The essence of the underwater life is captured in over 340 photographs ranging from incredible microscopic images, to close up shots of marine animals, to dramatic photos that dissect the sea's surface showing the submerged reef and the surface landscape. 20 of the organisms shown are new to science and published for the very first time in this excellent volume.

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The Great Barrier Reef - Australia's Tropical Paradise

Alison Cotes
160pp, 170 colour photographs, hard cover

AU$43.95 inc GST
AU$39.95 ex GST

The magic of the Great Barrier Reef is brought to life with 170 full colour photographs and accompanying informative captions revealing the huge diversity of the region. The comprehensive introduction details the history and geography of the area and includes fascinating facts on the coral reefs and life above and below water, as well as feature boxes on shipwrecks, shells and islands. The body of the book is divided into 5 sections and takes the reader on a captivating journey from the rainforest of Cape York and the utter luxury of remote Lizard Island in the north, to the green turtle rookeries of Heron Island in the South.

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In a Sea of Dreams
Winner of World Grand Prize - Antibes, France

Christoper Newbert & Brigette Wilms
160pp, colour photographs, hard cover

AU$132.00 inc GST
AU$120.00 ex GST

Stunning images and dramatic stories transport the reader into the ancient rhythms and intimate secrets of life in the sea, creating an unforgettable experience. This book celebrates the passion, beauty and wonder of life. Through the eyes and hearts of Newbert and Wilms, we are carried magically to the antic play of sea lions high diving off rocks, the mysterious song of the humpback whale and the spectacle of thousands of hammerhead sharks schooling with a lone diver.

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Natures Richest Realm
LIMITED STOCK - Now out of print

Roger Steene
336pp, Hard cover

AU$65.95 inc GST
AU$59.95 ex GST

One of the finest examples of a "Coffee Table" book on this subject. A photographic masterpiece from Roger Steene; a superb book encompassing 300 magnificent colour plates of the extraordinary and unique marine life around the worlds coral reefs. The result of over 20 years photography amongst the reefs of the world. Minimal text. Brilliant photographs.

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Realm of the Pygmy Seahorse

Constantinos Petrinos
256pp, 280 colour photographs, hard cover

AU$129.90 inc GST
AU$118.10 ex GST

his book features the best 280 photographs from a choice of 25,000 taken over a 5 month period. The author attempts to give the reader an insider's view on the daily lives of the animals in the complex reef ecosystem that features a variety of habitats. Underwater photographers will find a wealth of information on technique and for the naturalist the rich text explains the spectacular behaviour seen in the photographs. This is a new concept in the traditional 'coffee table' book.

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