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Australian Marine Life

Graham Edgar
544pp, 1300 colour photographs, hard cover

AU$76.95 inc GST
AU$69.95 ex GST

The definitive guide to the spectacular animals and plants of Southern Australian Waters including Tasmania. Marine scientist Dr Graham Edgar describes 1200 of the most commonly seen plants and animals of temperate waters where many species rival their tropical relatives in colour and ornamentation - especially the vividly coloured molluscs. It includes notes on their habitat and distribution, and more than 1300 full colour photographs. The book is organised in Taxonomic order and is detailed enough to be of value to academic biologists whilst being an invaluable guide for divers, beachcombers and those who fish.

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Coral Sea Reef Guide

Bob Halstead
320pp, full colour, hard cover

AU$89.95 inc GST
AU$81.77 ex GST

This book provides identification of more than 1000 marine animals by an author who has made more than 7000 dives in the region and who has systematically photographed it's marine life in it's natural surroundings. It includes descriptions of interesting behavior and habitat and special attention has been given to details observable in the wild, separating closely related species.

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Corals of the World

J E N Veron
3 volumes, over 1300 pp, full colour, hard cover in slip case

AU$265.00 inc GST
AU$240.00 ex GST
Student Price AU$145.00 inc GST
AU$131.80 ex GST
Institution Price AU$TBA inc GST

This is one of the most comprehensive, authoritative and spectacular productions ever given to a group of marine organisms and is the end product of 30 years of research by author Dr John ("Charlie") Veron. This 3 volume set is an extravaganza of colour and art and includes 900 distribution maps and details on the nature of the species, reproduction and dispersal, structure, geographic history and evolution. 1 in 10 species covered are new to science. Dr Veron's award winning 'classic' Corals of Australia & the Indo Pacific is completely eclisped by this publication!

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Coral Seas

Roger Steene
288pp, 340 colour photographs, hard cover

AU$76.95 inc GST
AU$69.95 ex GST

In this magnificent book the day to day life of the world's coral reef is played out before our very eyes. The essence of the underwater life is captured in over 340 photographs ranging from incredible microscopic images, to close up shots of marine animals, to dramatic photos that dissect the sea's surface showing the submerged reef and the surface landscape. 20 of the organisms shown are new to science and published for the very first time in this excellent volume.

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Indo-Pacific Coral Reef Field Guide
Vinyl Cover

Dr Gerald R. Allen and Roger Steene
378pp,1800 full colour photographs, vinyl cover.

AU$69.95 inc GST
AU$63.59 ex GST

New improved! The best ever Coral Reef Field Guide just got better! Now with a NEW water resistant VINYL COVER and stronger binding to provide an even more practical and durable book.

This compact yet comprehensive volume is designed for divers, beachcombers, marine aquarists, or just plain nature lovers. Containing 1800 colour illustrations, it provides quick and easy identification of commonly encountered coral reef organisms from seaweed to dolphins. An essential travel companion on your tropical reef holiday and an indispensable reference book for Divers, Snorkellers and Underwater Photographers.

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Living Reefs of the Indo Pacific

Rob van der Loos
176pp, colour photographs, soft cover

AU$34.95 inc GST
AU$31.77 ex GST

While many of the reef's inhabitants are ostentatious, many more are small and elusive. With real estate on the reefs at such a premium, marine creatures have learnt to live remarkably well with their neighbours. This has resulted in some very close associations. There is so much startling beauty in these waters that it is very easy to miss some of the more curious and interesting creatures. This book encourages the diver to look closer and suggests where these creatures can be found and how best to photograph them.

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Natures Richest Realm
LIMITED STOCK - Now out of print

Roger Steene
336pp, Hard cover

AU$65.95 inc GST
AU$59.95 ex GST

One of the finest examples of a "Coffee Table" book on this subject. A photographic masterpiece from Roger Steene; a superb book encompassing 300 magnificent colour plates of the extraordinary and unique marine life around the worlds coral reefs. The result of over 20 years photography amongst the reefs of the world. Minimal text. Brilliant photographs.

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Snorkellers Guide to the Coral Reef

Paddy Ryan
184pp,200 colour photographs, hard cover

AU$21.95 inc GST
AU$19.95 ex GST

An informative and well illustrated introduction to coral reefs dealing with coral animals, reef structure, plants, worms, molluscs, echinderns, crustacea, fishes and reptiles. It is ideal for the novice on the reef, giving handy tips on selecting snorkelling equipment and how to master snorkelling techniques, and an invaluable resource to the more experienced snorkeller and diver. It also contains first aid and photographic tips.

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Tropical Reef Life: A Marine Awareness Guide

Michael Aw
160pp, 1100 colour photographs, soft cover

AU$21.95 inc GST
AU$19.95 ex GST

The sister book to 'Tropical Reef Fishes'. This is a handy easy to understand discovery guide of marine invertebrates. This book illustrates each species with a colour photograph and provides fascinating details of their habitats, foods and sexual behaviours.

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Photographic Guide to Seashore Life of Australia

Keith Davey
144pp, 232 colour photographs, soft cover

AU$19.70 inc GST
AU$17.91 ex GST

This compact, easy to use, pocket size guide is an ideal travelling companion. Authoritative text describes key identification features of 232 species or groups. In addition a full colour photograph illustrates each species. Thumbnail outlines of each major group enables quick identification.

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Natures Richest Realm - CD-ROM

Dr. Walter Stark Roger Steene

AU$43.95 inc GST
AU$49.50 ex GST

This electronic publication of the popular book of the same name is now available. It includes over 650 full screen images, 80 video clips and 409 sound clips, as well as fascinating text coverage, stunning slide shows and even a children's colouring book section. It is a unique collection of electronic images and probably the most beautiful at that.

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