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Invertebrates & Shells


Australian Marine Life

Graham Edgar
544pp, 1300 colour photographs, hard cover

AU$76.95 inc GST
AU$69.95 ex GST

The definitive guide to the spectacular animals and plants of Southern Australian Waters including Tasmania. Marine scientist Dr Graham Edgar describes 1200 of the most commonly seen plants and animals of temperate waters where many species rival their tropical relatives in colour and ornamentation - especially the vividly coloured molluscs. It includes notes on their habitat and distribution, and more than 1300 full colour photographs. The book is organised in Taxonomic order and is detailed enough to be of value to academic biologists whilst being an invaluable guide for divers, beachcombers and those who fish.

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Australian Marine Shells
Australian and Indo Pacific Marine Gastropods

Barry Wilson
In two volumes

A beautiful two volume set which describes and illustrates over 2400 species of marine gastropods. A guide to identification and up to date information on geographic distribution, classification and natural history with extensive reference to relevant contemporary literature. Each volume contains a glossary of terms and detailed references to taxonomy and biology of gastropods. Each is casebound and section sewn for strength and durability. The two volumes are available as a set in an attractively bound deluxe slip case, to provide protection and easy access on the library shelf.

Volumes 1 & 2
AU$242.00 inc GST
AU$220.00 ex GST

Volumes 1 & 2 in Deluxe Slip Case
AU$275.00 inc GST
AU$250.00 ex GST
Australian Marine Shells (Volume 1)

370pp, 44 colour plates, line illustrations, colour photographs, hard cover

AU$126.50 inc GST
AU$115.00 ex GST

This volume describes and illustrates gastropod species from limpets to parasitic eulimids. It contains comprehensive coverage of Australian cowries including those rare and outstandingly beautiful species that are of such interest to collectors plus all the more common species found throughout the Indo Pacific region. It has an extensive introduction with a discussion of gastropod classification and biology. It introduces collecting and preserving shells, their biology and nomenclature.

Australian Marine Shells (Volume 2)

408pp, 53 colour plates, line illustrations, colour photographs, hard cover

AU$126.50 inc GST
AU$115.00 ex GST

A discussion of the classification and biology of the carnivorous neogastropods and detailed descriptions of species from the murex shells to the terebras. The volutes and cones are strongly featured.

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Common Seashells of Coastal Northern Queensland

Patty Jansen
60pp, 4 colour plates, 114 b/w illustrations, soft cover

AU$19.75 inc GST
AU$17.95 ex GST

A small identification guide describing and illustrating 200 species of shells common on beaches of coastal northern Queensland. It also includes species from deeper water and those that live on offshore reefs.

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Coral Sea Reef Guide

Bob Halstead
320pp, full colour, hard cover

AU$89.95 inc GST
AU$81.77 ex GST

This book provides identification of more than 1000 marine animals by an author who has made more than 7000 dives in the region and who has systematically photographed it's marine life in it's natural surroundings. It includes descriptions of interesting behavior and habitat and special attention has been given to details observable in the wild, separating closely related species.

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Compendium of Seashells
Revised Edition

R T Abbott & S P Dance
411pp, 4200 colour photographs, hard cover

AU$125.00 inc GST
AU$113.64 ex GST

A comprehensive full colour identification book on marine shells of the world compiled by two of the world's leading malacologists. All categories of marine shells are described and illustrated, including individual photographs, geographical and ecological information on hundreds of species of cowry, cone, volute, scallop, helmut and many others. This beautiful and authoritative reference volume contains 4200 colour photographs and is designed to facilitate rapid location and identification of almost every shell likely to be found in a private collection or shell shop.

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Coral Reef Animals of the Indo Pacific

TM Gosliner, David W Behrens & Gary C Williams,
314pp, 1100 colour photographs, soft cover

AU$65.95 inc GST
AU$59.95 ex GST

A scientific field guide to coral reef invertebrates of the Indo Pacific region. Over 1100 species are described and clearly illustrated with high quality photographs using a picture index key which makes identification easy and enjoyable. It contains information on distribution, ecological interactions and other natural history. It is an essential reference for every reef diver, biologist and aquarist.

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Dangerous Sea Creatures

Neville Coleman
96pp, 300 colour photographs, soft cover

AU$32.95 inc GST
AU$29.95 ex GST

Humans are not the natural prey to marine creatures and it is only our ignorance and imagination which have fuelled this public perception. This well laid out easy to use guide is designed to educate us about the possible unintentional damage our marine counterparts can course. It lists the common and scientific name, distribution, habitat, size and possible hazard, precautions and treatment should the worst happen.

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Guide to Squid, Cuttlefish & Octopuses of Australasia
New Release

Mark Norman & Amanda Reid
96pp, colour photographs, soft cover

AU$29.95 inc GST
AU$27.23 ex GST

This book provides insights into the biology and behaviour of more than 60 species of cephalopods. From the Giant Squid to the deadly Blue Ringed Octopus, the secret lives of these creature are revealed in this highly readable informative text and outstanding colour images. For each species there is a distribution map and identification notes summarising the main features to look for. While focus is placed on the species found in relatively shallow coastal waters, a few of the more bizarre deeper water species are also included.

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Indo-Pacific Coral Reef Field Guide
Vinyl Cover

Dr Gerald R. Allen and Roger Steene
378pp,1800 full colour photographs, vinyl cover.

AU$69.95 inc GST
AU$63.59 ex GST

New improved! The best ever Coral Reef Field Guide just got better! Now with a NEW water resistant VINYL COVER and stronger binding to provide an even more practical and durable book.

This compact yet comprehensive volume is designed for divers, beachcombers, marine aquarists, or just plain nature lovers. Containing 1800 colour illustrations, it provides quick and easy identification of commonly encountered coral reef organisms from seaweed to dolphins. An essential travel companion on your tropical reef holiday and an indispensable reference book for Divers, Snorkellers and Underwater Photographers.

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Living Reefs of the Indo Pacific

Rob van der Loos
176pp, colour photographs, soft cover

AU$34.95 inc GST
AU$31.77 ex GST

While many of the reef's inhabitants are ostentatious, many more are small and elusive. With real estate on the reefs at such a premium, marine creatures have learnt to live remarkably well with their neighbours. This has resulted in some very close associations. There is so much startling beauty in these waters that it is very easy to miss some of the more curious and interesting creatures. This book encourages the diver to look closer and suggests where these creatures can be found and how best to photograph them.

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Mollusca, the Southern Synthesis

Authors - Various contributions
1250pp, 200 colour & 500 black & white photographs, 2500 colour illustrations, hard cover (bound in 2 volumes, not sold separately)

AU$324.50 inc GST
AU$295.00 ex GST

This is the most comprehensive and authoritative treatment yet of Australia's marine, freshwater and terrestrial molluscs. It is a significant international reference, with contributions from 70 authors and 7700 papers in the primary literature are cited. Most molluscan families described are also found in the Northern Hemisphere, making this title an essential reference for malacologists worldwide. A series of overviews are provided at one or more level for the phylum and six classes, introducing accounts for the 423 molluscan families presently recognised in the region. At each level details are presented on morphology and physiology, natural history, biography and phylogeny, history of discovery and economic significance. There is also comprehensive coverage of the fossil record. A glossary and 30 000 entries in the index ensure ready access to information in the text and figures.

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Nudibranchs of the South Pacific

Neville Coleman
64pp, 170 colour photographs, soft cover

AU$16.45 inc GST
AU$14.95 ex GST

Often referred to as the 'butterflies of the sea' nudibranchs certainly live up to this name. Their gaudy colours, intricate patterns, variable shapes, myriad lifestyles and often cryptic habitats make them one of the most fascinating animal groups in the sea. This guide gives family, common and scientific name, depth range size and occurrence.

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Photographic Guide to Seashore Life of Australia

Keith Davey
144pp, 232 colour photographs, soft cover

AU$19.70 inc GST
AU$17.91 ex GST

This compact, easy to use, pocket size guide is an ideal travelling companion. Authoritative text describes key identification features of 232 species or groups. In addition a full colour photograph illustrates each species. Thumbnail outlines of each major group enables quick identification.

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Seashells of South East Australia

Patty Jansen
118+10pp, full colour, soft cover

AU$32.95 inc GST
AU$29.95 ex GST

The first popular colour book ever published on shells of South East Australia, this guide describes and illustrates 414 shell species that can be found on beaches from Northern New South Wales to Western Victoria. It covers most of the species that grow to 10mm or more and is non technical with out being over simplified. It will appeal to beachcombers, students, divers and marine biologists.

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Realm of the Pygmy Seahorse

Constantinos Petrinos
256pp, 280 colour photographs, hard cover

AU$129.90 inc GST
AU$118.10 ex GST

his book features the best 280 photographs from a choice of 25,000 taken over a 5 month period. The author attempts to give the reader an insider's view on the daily lives of the animals in the complex reef ecosystem that features a variety of habitats. Underwater photographers will find a wealth of information on technique and for the naturalist the rich text explains the spectacular behaviour seen in the photographs. This is a new concept in the traditional 'coffee table' book.

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Sea Slugs of Western Australia
(& relavant to the whole Indo Pacific Region)

Fred E Wells & Clayton W Bryce
184pp, 200 colour photographs, soft cover

AU$32.95 inc GST
AU$29.95 ex GST

This field guide covers the Sea Slugs likely to be encountered while diving or exploring the Australian coastline. Featuring the Nudibranchs in all their extraordinary forms, it also deals with numerous other unusual mollusc groups. Superbly illustrated and annotated with a wealth of natural history observations, this is the best guide available for the diver or keen naturalist. Although based primarily on fieldwork in Western Australia, this book is relevant to the whole Indo Pacific region.

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Sea Stars of Australasia

Neville Coleman
64pp, colour photographs, soft cover

AU$16.45 inc GST
AU$14.95 ex GST

Diverse in form and colour these members of the echinoderm phylum inhabit a major part of the world's ocean floors. Rarely would an ocean dive of any terrain be complete with out having seen an echinoderm of some description, whether being a giant of nearly 800mm or a minute adult of 12mm. This guide covers feather stars, sea stars, brittle stars, sea urchins and sea cucumbers.

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Snorkellers Guide to the Coral Reef

Paddy Ryan
184pp,200 colour photographs, hard cover

AU$21.95 inc GST
AU$19.95 ex GST

An informative and well illustrated introduction to coral reefs dealing with coral animals, reef structure, plants, worms, molluscs, echinderns, crustacea, fishes and reptiles. It is ideal for the novice on the reef, giving handy tips on selecting snorkelling equipment and how to master snorkelling techniques, and an invaluable resource to the more experienced snorkeller and diver. It also contains first aid and photographic tips.

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Tropical Pacific Invertebrates

Dr. Patrick Colin & Charlie Arneson,
296pp, 1470 full colour photographs, soft cover

AU$124.95 inc GST
AU$113.59ex GST

A most comprehensive guide to marine invertebrates of the Tropical Pacific and Indo Pacific oceans. This volume was written by two experienced scientists and blends scientific accuracy with the sheer beauty of this incredible diverse group of animals. Many of the species have never been illustrated before and are new to science. An essential reference book for divers, marine scientists and nature lovers.

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Tropical Reef Life: A Marine Awareness Guide

Michael Aw
160pp, 1100 colour photographs, soft cover

AU$21.95 inc GST
AU$19.95 ex GST

The sister book to 'Tropical Reef Fishes'. This is a handy easy to understand discovery guide of marine invertebrates. This book illustrates each species with a colour photograph and provides fascinating details of their habitats, foods and sexual behaviours.

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Whale Watching in Australian & New Zealand Waters

Peter Gill & Cecilia Burke
148pp, colour photographs, maps & diagrams, soft cover

AU$27.30 inc GST
AU$24.82 ex GST

The definitive guide for all who want to take a closer and well informed look at these fascinating mammals. This easy to follow book covers all you will need to know including the ecology and behaviour of whales and dolphins, interesting insights into whaling history, conservation and research, identification notes, accompanied by detailed colour illustrations and locator maps for each species, a comprehensive guide to sites, highlighting the best places to see whales and a listing of whale watching operators.

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Tropical Pacific Invertebrates - CD-ROM

Dr. Pat Colin & Charlie Arneson

AU$49.50 inc GST
AU$45.00 ex GST

This electronic version of the Tropical Pacific Invertebrates reference volume includes all the content of the printed book with the addition of video clips and slide shows. The index searching capabilities of the CD-ROM make this a very powerful research and teaching tool for Marine Scientists, Underwater Photographers and Divers.

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