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Fish & Sharks


Australian Marine Life

Graham Edgar
544pp, 1300 colour photographs, hard cover

AU$76.95 inc GST
AU$69.95 ex GST

The definitive guide to the spectacular animals and plants of Southern Australian Waters including Tasmania. Marine scientist Dr Graham Edgar describes 1200 of the most commonly seen plants and animals of temperate waters where many species rival their tropical relatives in colour and ornamentation - especially the vividly coloured molluscs. It includes notes on their habitat and distribution, and more than 1300 full colour photographs. The book is organised in Taxonomic order and is detailed enough to be of value to academic biologists whilst being an invaluable guide for divers, beachcombers and those who fish.

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Coral Sea Reef Guide

Bob Halstead
320pp, full colour, hard cover

AU$89.95 inc GST
AU$81.77 ex GST

This book provides identification of more than 1000 marine animals by an author who has made more than 7000 dives in the region and who has systematically photographed it's marine life in it's natural surroundings. It includes descriptions of interesting behavior and habitat and special attention has been given to details observable in the wild, separating closely related species.

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Dangerous Sea Creatures

Neville Coleman
96pp, 300 colour photographs, soft cover

AU$32.95 inc GST
AU$29.95 ex GST

Humans are not the natural prey to marine creatures and it is only our ignorance and imagination which have fuelled this public perception. This well laid out easy to use guide is designed to educate us about the possible unintentional damage our marine counterparts can course. It lists the common and scientific name, distribution, habitat, size and possible hazard, precautions and treatment should the worst happen.

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Field Guide to Anemonefishes & their Host Anemones
Revised Edition

Daphne G. Fautin & Gerry Allen
160pp, colour photographs.
Soft cover
AU$27.45 inc GST
AU$24.95 ex GST
Hard cover
AU$32.95 inc GST
AU$29.95 ex GST

Anemonefishes and their invertebrate hosts continue to delight their observers. This revised edition gives new insights into their symbiotic relationships and locality. Designed as a field guide it allows quick and accurate identification of Anemones, as well as the Anemonefishes through well-illustrated, easy to use keys and underwater photographs.

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Fishes of the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea
Temporarily Unavailable

J E Randell, G R Allen & R C Steene
532pp, 1100 colour photographs, hard cover

AU$87.95 inc GST
AU$79.95 ex GST

The long awaited revised volume of this popular book contains an extra 32 pages. This lavishly illustrated compendium has exhaustive coverage of over 1100 species, or more than 90% of the regions reef fishes. Every species is illustrated with an added bonus of photographic coverage of the juvenile, female and male in species differing according to their developmental stage or sex. Although reef fishes are the primary focus of this book, a special section on billfishes, tunas and mackerels is included especially for anglers. A must for all divers, anglers, underwater naturalists and professional biologists.

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Guide to Angelfishes & Butterflyfishes

Dr Gerald R. Allen, Roger Steene and Mark Allen
250pp, colour photographs, hard cover.

AU$54.95 inc GST
AU$49.95 ex GST

This handsome volume is designed exclusively for divers and aquarium hobbyists. Covering all of the world's species - 83 angelfishes and 121 butterflyfishes, it is the first comprehensive guide to these popular families. Few other fishes are so intimately related to the coral environment, and none exhibit such a remarkable array of dazzling colour patterns. Every species is illustrated in full colour, with extra photographs provided for the very different juvenile and sex related forms of some angelfishes. This valuable reference contains a wealth of information pertaining to behaviour, life history, distribution and aquarium maintenance of these remarkable fishes.

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Guide to Seafishes of Australia

Rudie Kuiter
434pp, colour photographs, soft cover

AU$43.95 inc GST
AU$39.95 ex GST

A comprehensive and practical handbook that identifies over 1000 fish species commonly seen by divers, snorkellers and fishermen in coastal Australian waters. The species entries are grouped by families and arranged so that those with closely related features follow on from one another, making comparison easy. Length measurements for adults are given along with general text highlighting diagnostic features, interesting aspects of the species and habitat. Every species account is accompanied by one or more colour photographs and a distribution map.

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Indo-Pacific Coral Reef Field Guide
Vinyl Cover

Dr Gerald R. Allen and Roger Steene
378pp,1800 full colour photographs, vinyl cover.

AU$69.95 inc GST
AU$63.59 ex GST

New improved! The best ever Coral Reef Field Guide just got better! Now with a NEW water resistant VINYL COVER and stronger binding to provide an even more practical and durable book.

This compact yet comprehensive volume is designed for divers, beachcombers, marine aquarists, or just plain nature lovers. Containing 1800 colour illustrations, it provides quick and easy identification of commonly encountered coral reef organisms from seaweed to dolphins. An essential travel companion on your tropical reef holiday and an indispensable reference book for Divers, Snorkellers and Underwater Photographers.

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Living Reefs of the Indo Pacific

Rob van der Loos
176pp, colour photographs, soft cover

AU$34.95 inc GST
AU$31.77 ex GST

While many of the reef's inhabitants are ostentatious, many more are small and elusive. With real estate on the reefs at such a premium, marine creatures have learnt to live remarkably well with their neighbours. This has resulted in some very close associations. There is so much startling beauty in these waters that it is very easy to miss some of the more curious and interesting creatures. This book encourages the diver to look closer and suggests where these creatures can be found and how best to photograph them.

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Marine Fishes of the Great Barrier Reef & South East Asia

Dr Gerald Allen
296pp, 2000 colour illustrations, colour photographs, soft cover

AU$32.95 inc GST
AU$29.95 ex GST

A colourful and highly comprehensive guide to marine fishes of northern Australia and the South East Asian region with emphasis on reef and shore fishes. Trevallies, tunas, mackerels and billfishes are also featured. It contains 2000 hand-painted illustrations featuring 1635 individual species, accurately reproduced in detail and proportion making identification easy. This is an invaluable reference for divers and anglers.

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Photographic Guide to Sea Fishes of Australia

Rudie Kuiter
144pp, 222 colour photographs, soft cover

AU$19.70 inc GST
AU$17.91 ex GST

This compact, easy to use, pocket size fish guide makes an ideal travelling companion. Authoritative text describes key identification features of 222 of the most often observed species. In addition a full colour photograph illustrates each species. Thumbnail outlines of each of the family groups enables easy identification

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Realm of the Pygmy Seahorse

Constantinos Petrinos
256pp, 280 colour photographs, hard cover

AU$129.90 inc GST
AU$118.10 ex GST

his book features the best 280 photographs from a choice of 25,000 taken over a 5 month period. The author attempts to give the reader an insider's view on the daily lives of the animals in the complex reef ecosystem that features a variety of habitats. Underwater photographers will find a wealth of information on technique and for the naturalist the rich text explains the spectacular behaviour seen in the photographs. This is a new concept in the traditional 'coffee table' book.

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Sharks In Question (the Smithsonian Answer Book)

Victor Springer & Joy Gold
187pp, colour illustrations & photographs, soft cover

AU$32.95 inc GST
AU$29.95 ex GST

The striking photographs and accurate information answers the some of the most frequently asked questions about these feared and fascinating ocean dwellers. It tells how they breathe, swim, sleep, eat and breed. It describes some of the most common and the rarest species and how, when and why they are dangerous. Of interest to people of all ages this book separates shark facts from fiction!

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Snorkellers Guide to the Coral Reef

Paddy Ryan
184pp,200 colour photographs, hard cover

AU$21.95 inc GST
AU$19.95 ex GST

An informative and well illustrated introduction to coral reefs dealing with coral animals, reef structure, plants, worms, molluscs, echinderns, crustacea, fishes and reptiles. It is ideal for the novice on the reef, giving handy tips on selecting snorkelling equipment and how to master snorkelling techniques, and an invaluable resource to the more experienced snorkeller and diver. It also contains first aid and photographic tips.

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Tropical Reef Fishes: A Marine Awareness Guide

Michael Aw
126pp, colour photographs, soft cover

AU$20.90 inc GST
AU$19.00 ex GST

A user friendly fish awareness guide for nature lovers, scuba divers, snorkellers, students and underwater photographers. Full colour illustrations and award winning photographs with handy tips on how to catch fish on film and details on how each photograph was taken.

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