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Australian Scuba Divers Illustrated Dictionary

Robert Berthold
224pp, 240 photographs, soft cover
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AU$10.95 inc GST
AU$9.95 ex GST

A quick reference guide to marine plants and animals, biological terms, scuba diving terminology, training organisations, equipment, marine parks, conservation groups and shark attack information.

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Blue Wilderness

Ron & Valerie Taylor
160pp, colour photographs, hard cover
Reduced - Save $25.00

AU$76.95 inc GST
AU$69.95 ex GST

Breathtaking imagery and raw, bone chilling drama chronicles a lifetime of underwater discovery, vividly illustrating the true-life adventures of this amazing couple. The beauty and drama of the vanishing marine wilderness, from encounters with the most dangerous animals in the sea to enchanting choreographed sea lion ballets are all captured. Voyagers with in the last great frontier of our blue planet, Ron & Valerie recount and record the splendor and awe of Nature's richest realm, the blue wilderness.

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Dive Sites of the Great Barrier Reef & Coral Sea

Neville Coleman
176pp, colour photographs, detailed colour maps, soft cover

AU$32.95 inc GST
AU$29.95 ex GST

An indispensable guide for divers and snorkellers of all levels of qualification and experience. Enhanced by magnificent full colour photographs, this practical book offers detailed information on the best places to witness the wonders of the underwater realm and provides excellent coverage of the dive sites of one of the world's most exciting dive areas as well as the regions topside attractions. Individual site entries are star rated and cover location and access, condition, depth and marine life. Detailed colour maps show dive site locations, access points, major wreck sites and reef areas.

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Diver's Handbook

Alan Mountain
160pp, colour photographs, colour illustrations, soft cover

AU$32.95 inc GST
AU$29.95 ex GST

Nothing can compare with the thrill of the diver exploring the mysteries of the underwater world. This book is designed to be of equal use to both the novice and experienced diver. Many divers learn only the basics of diving while on holiday. For them this book will provide the theory behind the practice and help instil confidence, while for the more expert divers, it will augment existing knowledge and offer fresh angles on the sport. An ongoing source of reference and an absorbing companion to the endlessly fascinating world beneath the waves.

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Jim Church's Essential Guide to Composition

Jim Church
136pp, colour photographs and illustrations, soft cover

AU$46.15 inc GST
AU$41.95 ex GST

From the most respected teacher of underwater photography this well illustrated guide is practical and preeminently useful. This book is a key to improvement for any aspiring underwater photographer.

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Jim Church's Essential Guide to the Nikonos Systems

Jim Church
271pp, colour photographs, diagrams and tables, soft cover

AU$49.45 inc GST
AU$44.95 ex GST

From the guru of underwater photography is the photography guide that no Nikonos user should be with out. Highly informative and well illustrated with colour photographs, diagrams and tables, this handbook takes you well beyond the Nikonos manuals and helps you towards achieving incredible underwater photographs. Jim Church's book is practical and inspiring. Includes full details on the Nikonos V, the Nikonos RS, 104 Strobe and a new array of lens.

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Jim Church's Essential Guide to Underwater Video

Jim Church
211pp, colour photographs, diagrams and table, soft cover

AU$39.55 inc GST
AU$35.95 ex GST

Thorough and conveniently structured in all parts this is the finest guide to underwater video available for both the beginner or advanced. If you are serious about producing high quality video images and organising them into professional looking videos then this book is your first important step.

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Snorkellers Guide to the Coral Reef

Paddy Ryan
184pp,200 colour photographs, hard cover

AU$21.95 inc GST
AU$19.95 ex GST

An informative and well illustrated introduction to coral reefs dealing with coral animals, reef structure, plants, worms, molluscs, echinderns, crustacea, fishes and reptiles. It is ideal for the novice on the reef, giving handy tips on selecting snorkelling equipment and how to master snorkelling techniques, and an invaluable resource to the more experienced snorkeller and diver. It also contains first aid and photographic tips.

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Top Dive Sites of Australia

Becca Saunders
160pp, over 200 colour photographs, hard cover

AU$54.55 inc GST
AU$49.95 ex GST

This book portrays the best diving spots in the suburb waters around Australia. Through informative text, stunning photography and attractive locator maps, the marine life and notable features of each site are described. It includes both reef and wreck diving, offers insights into diverse natural marine phenomena. Aimed at divers, photographers and all those interested in the wonders of the sea, this book details invaluable travel tips, information on visibility, water temperatures and climate.

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Top Dive Sites of the Indian Ocean

Jack Jackson
168pp, colour photographs, hard cover

AU$54.95 inc GST
AU$49.95 ex GST

A visually stunning and informative guided tour of 95 of the Indian Ocean's most exciting and challenging dive sites. The waters of the Indian Ocean embrace an enormous range of habitats and creatures guaranteed to surprise and fascinate everyone from the armchair explorer to the underwater photographer, casual snorkeller to seasoned divers.

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Top Dive Sites of the World

Jack Jackson
168pp, 300 colour photographs, hard cover

AU$54.95 inc GST
AU$49.95 ex GST

Aimed at divers, photographers, and all those fascinated by the hidden wonders of the seas this magnificently illustrated book traverses the globe, focusing on 75 world class dive sites that occur in waters as diverse as the icy North Atlantic and the Tropical Seas of the Pacific. The informative text describes the main features of the sites, quality and uniqueness of marine life, visibility and accessibility and also notable land attractions. Whether an active diver or an inspirational armchair traveller the superb colour photographs will lure you into the magical underwater realm of the world's most exotic dive destinations.

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Natures Richest Realm - CD-ROM

Dr. Walter Stark Roger Steene

AU$43.95 inc GST
AU$39.95 ex GST

This electronic publication of the popular book of the same name is now available. It includes over 650 full screen images, 80 video clips and 409 sound clips, as well as fascinating text coverage, stunning slide shows and even a children's colouring book section. It is a unique collection of electronic images and probably the most beautiful at that.

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Tropical Pacific Invertebrates - CD-ROM

Dr. Pat Colin & Charlie Arneson

AU$49.50 inc GST
AU$45.00 ex GST

This electronic version of the Tropical Pacific Invertebrates reference volume includes all the content of the printed book with the addition of video clips and slide shows. The index searching capabilities of the CD-ROM make this a very powerful research and teaching tool for Marine Scientists, Underwater Photographers and Divers.

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