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Yoav Dagan

Lighting Cameraman
Director of Photography

I began work in the Israeli film industry in 1991. Since then I have gathered extensive experience in documentary and commercial films on 35mm, 16mm and all video formats. I've worked on a wide range of projects from wildlife documentaries to TV drama and Disney ride movies.

My experiences as an army photographer taught me how to work under pressure and in difficult conditions. This was not only of great use to me in my career as a cinematographer in Israel but continues to be in the challenges of work today.

In 1998 I moved to Australia to pursue my career in documentary and commercial cinematography. To this end the communication skills I've gained over the years have proved invaluable allowing me to work successfully with a variety of directors, on a wide range of projects.

Recent Programme Credits

2001 Capoeara, Documentary SBS Television
  (Shoot & Edit)  
2000 Olympics, 25 Short Documentaries Isreali Sports Television
  (Coordinator & Cameraman) Limor Mats (Prod)
2000 The Search for the Whale Shark Oded Avraham Productions
  (Documentary) Oded Avraham (Dir)
1999 Video Art Michael Rovner, NY
  (Documentary) (Artist)
1999 Pre-Show for the Israeli Pavilion Orpan ITA
  Epcot Center, Orlando, Florida
1998 Ride Film for the “TNUVA” Orpan ITA
  (Israeli’s largest dairy products company)  
1998 ’Time Elevator’ Orpan ITA
1998 ’Oceanarium Underwater Observatory’ Orpan ITA
1995 ’Stemzky’ Israeli’s largest book publisher
1994 ’Mayne Tripoly’ Channel 2, Israel
  (Documentary Feature Film) Rotem Avruzky (Dir)

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