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Pete West

Underwater Production Coordinator
Marine / Diving Coordinator
Underwater Gaffer
Underwater Assistant

I have been a professional diver for 27 years, working in oil fields around the world. My diving experience ranges from heavy construction to hyperbaric medicine, photography, submersibles, salvage, defence force liaison and film and television.

My involvement in film and television began in the 1970's and due to demand is now full time. I am also an qualified Master Class V skipper with several years experience navigating vessels between Australia and Europe.

I am an experienced diving and marine coordinator, underwater gaffer and camera assistant. I've worked on feature films, television series, commercials and documentaries. My unique background enables me to coordinate the most complex underwater and marine projects.

I'm committed to research and development and the customising of equipment for underwater use. To the natural history documentary production have experience with state of the art technology including propulsion vehicles, closed circuit rebreathers, lighting and communication systems.

Recent Credits
- Features

1998 In a Savage Land Marine Coordinator
1998 Two Hands Diving Coordinator / UW Gaffer
1998 Gargantua Diving Coordinator

- Mini Series

1998 Noak's Ark Marine, diving and horizon tank coordinator
1997 Moby Dick Marine, diving and horizon tank coordinator

- TV Series

1999 The Saboteur Diving coordinator / camera operator
1999 Sabrina Down Under Marine and diving coordinator
 Journey's to the Bottom of the Sea Marine coordinator / UW Gaffer
 To Close for Comfort
 Marine and diving coordinator / UW Gaffer

- Documentaries

1999 Extreme Australia Diving and marine coordinator / UW Gaffer
1999 Tiger Sharks Assistant camera / UW Gaffer
1998 The Blue Planet Marine coordinator / diving supervisor / UW Gaffer

- TVC's

2000 Coca-Cola Diving coordinator / UW Gaffer
1999 Fosters Light Ice Diving coordinator
1998 Australian Tourism Commission Marine and diving coordinator / UW Gaffer
1997 Skittles Diving and marine coordinator / UW Gaffer

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